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Airtight Coffee Storage Containers

The CoffeeVac is a storage container that features a unique patented vacuum closure system, it’s perfect for storing coffee beans and tea leaves. The CoffeeVac is able to preserve goods for long periods by allowing products to breath and degas. It features a 2 way valve which allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in which is why it can preserve goods for long periods of time. The CoffeeVac saves you money by keeping your coffee fresh for longer and the 2 way valve never needs replacing. Solid and tinted models protect light sensitive beans and tea leaves

The CoffeeVac depending on the variant you choose, can hold approx 1kg or 500g of coffee or tea and can also be used for other dry & wet goods. Store conveniently on the counter top, in the pantry, the fridge or freezer. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher.


PriceFrom $29.95

Colour: Black

Materials: Plastic

Care Instructions: Wipe down, not dishwasher safe

Dimensions: 500g 19.5cm x 12cm diameter

1kg 22cm h x 18cm diameter

Capacity: 500g (can hold a little more!)


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