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About 3Zeros 

3zeros was established by three serving first responders.

The 3Zeros company and their immediate family members have approximately 160 years of service to the community. We are passionate about supporting first responders with a particular focus on mental health.

A percentage of our sales will be donated towards organisations that support first responders.




To support the Emergency Services (EMS) community by:

• Providing premium coffee to EMS personnel from which a donation will be made;

• Direct funding to charities whose values and goals align with that of 3Zeros; and

• Encouraging discussion around mental health wellbeing and removing the stigma that still exists around this topic.



We undertake and collaborate with charities and organisations in a transparent and ethical way.


We collaborate to achieve a shared vision.

We are connected by our own lived and shared experiences in the EMS community.


We care and support the mental health and wellbeing for all EMS personnel.

We listen without judgement.


We respect ourselves, our values and the people we are engaged with.

We communicate openly and honestly.

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